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ARK Wealth 1st Quarter Portfolio Updates

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Central PA Chapter 2019 "Student of the Year" Class raised $182,259 to fight blood cancers!

Tax Law Grants Some New Opportunity

Roth IRA Conversions

Monte Carlo Analysis

Monitoring Your Portfolio

Use Your Annuity to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance

Staying on Track with Your Retirement Investments

A Retirement Income Roadmap for Women

Unit Investment Trusts

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts for Women

Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT)

Trusteed IRAs

A Woman's Guide to Health Care in Retirement

Getting Help from a Financial Professional

Five Questions about Long-Term Care

Changing Jobs? Know Your 401(k) Options

Employee Benefits for Special Circumstances

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest?

Women: Moving Forward Financially after the Loss of a Spouse

Planning for Incapacity in Retirement

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations for Retirement

Paying the Bills: Potential Sources of Retirement Income

Pay Down Your Debt or Save for Retirement?

Setting and Targeting Investment Goals for Retirement

Women and Estate Planning Basics

Myths and Facts about Social Security

Get More Retirement Income from an Impaired Risk Annuity

Death of a Family Member Checklist

Rollovers and Retirement

The Tax Benefits of Your Retirement Savings Plan

Retirement: Proceed With Caution Before Relying on General Rules

Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Finances

Social Security Claiming Strategies for Married Couples

Donating a Car to Charity

Charitable Giving

The Roth 401(k)

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Annuity Rider

Eleven Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane in a Crazy Market

Common Annuity Riders

Women and Retirement Planning

Social Security Retirement Benefit Basics to Know

Charitable Contributions From IRAs

Active vs. Passive Portfolio Management

Financial Survival After a Job Loss

All About IRAs

Can You Avoid a Layoff?

Women: Living In The Sandwich Generation

Adjusting to Life Financially After a Divorce

So You've Reached Retirement: Now What?

Social Security: What Should You Do at Age 62?

Understanding Bond Yields and the Yield Curve's Effect on Retirement

How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Stretch IRAs

Trust Basics

Separately Managed Accounts: Tailored to Suit Your Retirement Goals

Weighing the Choice Between Taxable and Tax-Free Bonds

How Much Annual Income Can Your Retirement Portfolio Provide For You?

Holding Equities For The Long Term: Time vs. Timing

Handling Market Volatility During Your Retirement Years

Converting Your Savings Into Retirement Income

Six Steps to Consider Before Taking Money From Your Retirement Savings

Deciding When to Retire: When Timing Becomes Critical

Variable Annuities and Your Retirement Portfolio

Bonds, Interest Rates, and the Impact of Inflation on Retirement

Should You Work During Retirement?

Growth vs. Value Investements: What's the Difference?

Social Responsibility and Your Investment Portfolio

Do Exchange-Traded Funds Belong in Your Reitement Investment Portfolio?

Four Things Women Should Know About Social Security and Retirement

Common Factors Affecting Your Retirement Income

The Power of Dividends in a Retirement Investment Portfolio


10 Years and Counting: Points to Consider During Your Pre-Retirement Years

How Women Can Make the Most of the Traits of a Good Investor

Counting on Your Husband's Retirement Income? Three Things Women Should Know

Insurance Needs Assessment: For Empty Nesters and Retirement Planning

A Primer on Dividends for Investment Income

9 Facts About Retirement to Consider When Planning For Early Retirement

Your Emergency Fund in Early Retirement: How Much is Enough?

Changing Definition of Risk in Early Retirement Investments As You Age

American Lifestyle Magazine

Should you use REITs as a Retirement Income Investment?

The Other Sure Thing

Trends in Charitable Giving

A Home Insurance Claim: To File or Not to File

Revising Estate Strategy Assumptions

Bursting the Bubble

The History of Retirement

The Anatomy of a Supplemental Health Plan

Retirement Redefined

To Catch a Thief

Impact of Taxes and Inflation

A Decision Not Made Is Still a Decision

Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

Changing Unhealthy Behaviors

Ark Wealth Management's Hershey Bears Hockey Night

Should You Borrow from Your 401(k)?

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Boats to Brokers

Safe Passwords

Your Social Security Strategy

Shopping for a Fitness Membership

Was it a busy year? It may be time to review.

Some Unique Travel Ideas for 2017

Stretch, Inherited, Beneficiary IRA's

What resources do I have available?

Investor Biases

There is plenty of time for some year end clean up...

A Quick Risk Tolerance Quiz

Preparing for a Future Homeowners Insurance Claim

Matching Your Investments to Your Retirement

Tax Management Strategies

Is Running Out of Money Your Greatest Fear?

Season of Advice®

Flu Shots and Market Volatility

Social Security File and Suspend "Gotcha"

How Big Will Your Tax Refund Be?

Identity Theft and Fraudulent Tax Return Filings

Are Women Better Investors?

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